THANK YOU For Your Prayers & About Tomorrow's Lessons

Snappers & Family,

As you may have known from my previous emails, my Father-In-Law has been very ill and it has been coming to a head. Halfway through last night's group lesson, I received a couple consecutive phone calls from my Wife. I answered on the second call knowing that it must have been important. It was then when I heard through the tears and broken words that my Wife's father had just passed away. The lesson was immediately cancelled and I went to her parent's home to be with her during this difficult time. It was a long night, but by God's grace we will make it through. My Father-In-Law's wake will be Monday afternoon and the funeral is set for Tuesday morning. I wanted to tell you this to thank you all for your prayers and condolences. We are truly blessed to have your support.

Reality has set in and I know that I have athletes that still need my help. With yesterday's cancelled lesson, nobody will be charged for that lesson. I hope we can reschedule you guys in soon.

Regarding Tomorrow's lessons, yes, I will still be holding lessons. However, it will be condensed as it is very important for me to be around and help my family. I will only be holding the 11 AM Private, 12 PM Group, 2 PM Group, and 4 PM Private. For those of you who were not able to finish last night's lesson, I hope you would like to come back in for one of Sunday's Groups. The plan is to work on technique, get better, have fun, and enjoy the fellowship that our incredible group of long snappers have.

God Bless,