FYI: How to Practice the Day Before a Camp/Game

BEST PRACTICE: Treat it Like Batting Practice in Baseball!

During my College years, the day before a game I would get about 10-15 minutes of snapping in. It largely depended on how I was feeling that day. Each Snapper has their own routine, but one thing that is certain, you should NOT be doing an entire long snapping workout the day before a Camp or Game! Just enough snaps to get loose, getting the ball rolling off your fingers, and barely breaking a sweat. Don't cram the day before your "test", you should have had weeks and months of "studying".  It never hurts to cram in laying down forehead snaps though! Make sure to NOT over snap the day before, you need to be at your best less than 24 hours later, so give yourself enough time for recovery. Go into the big day with the quiet confidence in your ability and the trust that all the hours of practice will have prepared you for dominance. REMEMBER: Success is made when Preparation meets Opportunity. You have prepared through hours upon hours of practice at home, at lessons, and weekly competitions...GAME DAY / CAMP DAY is your opportunity, now go out there and achieve your SUCCESS.