Athlete Portal Resources UPDATED!


#1 RLSNO Live Film Critiques are UPLOADED for the Groups on 6/17/16 and 6/19/16!

The Film is uploaded to the Personal Athlete Portals of the Bundle Buying athletes who attended the Friday Group Lesson on 6/17/16 and Sunday Group Lessons on 6/19/16.

#2 Drill Sheets have been UPDATED for Monday 6/20/16 - Sunday 6/26/16!

REMINDER: Ball Wall is meant to be from 4-8 yards away depending on blocking! FAST HANDS!!! Pay attention to your ELBOWS! Make sure they are going back NOT OUT! FOCUS ON FLUIDITY OF FORM! ELBOWS DOWN, HANDS UP, HANDS THROUGH! Also, If you are a snapper that has a hard time with elbow drive, when doing Ball Wall drill use an object that is roughly 3"–4" tall and it is roughly 1" behind the ball. Good Luck this week!

#3 ALL RLSNO Accounts have been UPDATED as of 6/20/16!

REMINDER: Accounts are typically updated EVERY Monday!