IMPORTANT - HEY! This Impacts You! RLSNO ATHLETES MUST READ: 5 Program Changes Starting March 23, 2016!

RLSNO will be implementing FIVE changes!

#1 – ALL Private lessons will be opened up to TWO ATHLETES per 1 hour private lesson*

*I will combine athletes of equivalent talent to ensure that each lesson runs smoothly and that there isn't a first timer with a seasoned veteran. You can request to be paired up with a specific athlete, but going solo is not an option. The only time an athlete can go solo is if no other athlete requests that time slot prior to the time of lesson. 

REASONING: I've had great feedback from RLSNO College Long Snappers who have doubled up on private lessons in the past saying that they preferred having another athlete with them. They felt they could get more personalized and instantaneous coaching as I did not have to be back catching. In addition, they liked the small competition as it motivated them to pick up on the coaching quickly. That said, this will be the NEW FORM of Private Lessons. It will allow for you guys to get private lessons as frequently as you want now and continue to progress faster than any other long snapper in the country!


  • NO Monday Lessons (Starts 3/21/16)

  • Wednesday Lessons will switch to THREE 2 person 1 hour private lessons starting at 7:00 PM (Starts 3/23/16)*

  • Fridays NO CHANGE

  • Sundays NO CHANGE

*Those of you who have Monday privates reserved, you still have your reservation! It will just now be bumped to the Wednesday of that week.
For those of you who have Wednesday privates reserved, you also still have your reservation! HOWEVER, your lesson will be combined with the Private #1 reservation from the Monday before.
Contact: if you have questions!

REASONING: Mondays are very busy on the back end for RLSNO to ensure the program is operating smoothly for you guys on a day to day basis. Pushing Monday Lessons to Wednesdays will allow for more time to get Monday tasks done on Mondays not Tuesdays, which will allow for quicker feedback for business emails, texts, calls, etc. Changing Wednesday Lessons from a Group to Private Lessons will provide a better opportunity for more personalized coaching, and allowing more opportunities for private lessons.


  • Monday Lessons will be back up and hold THREE 2 person 1 hour private lessons starting at 7:00 PM (Start Date TBA)

  • Wednesday Lessons will switch to ONE 2 person 1 hour private lesson & ONE 2 hour group lesson (Start Date TBA) 

  • NO Friday Lessons (Start Date TBA) 

  • Sundays NO CHANGE

REASONING: Fridays -- Every RLSNO athlete should be at their High School's Varsity Football game whether on the field playing or in the stands supporting their school!

#4 – The Monthly Rose Bundle will be UPGRADED to Unlimited Groups and FOUR Private Lessons per Month! AND... it is still the same price!

REASONING: Because YOU DESERVE IT! This Allows for you to come to EVERY possible Group Lesson and a midweek Private every week!

#5 – Coming Soon... Every bundle buying Long Snapper will receive ONE FREE RLSNO T-Shirt!

REASONING: Again...YOU DESERVE IT! The best Long Snappers a Coach could ask for! I will be making a purchase for these shirts within the next couple months. Be on the lookout for an announcement and maybe a poll to choose which design of shirt you like!