• SENIORS – You need to be ready at ANY point in time to snap your best! Yes, at any point in time a coach can surprise you at your school, take you out of class, and ask you to snap in front of them in your jeans. They can call you and tell you to come out and visit and snap in front of them. They can call you and ask you to get new continuous long snapping film, put it together, and get it back to them THAT NIGHT. You also need to be getting new film in and sending it out to EVERY D1 FBS & FCS Team in the country! If you haven't sealed the deal prior to Rubio's Chicago Camp on April 2nd (the same situation I was in), then you need to STAND OUT! It is even more important to get lessons in now then it was to get prepared for the January 16-17 Rubio Vegas Event!

  • JUNIORS – The Rubio Long Snapping April 2nd Chicago Event will be here before you know it and this camp will beCRUCIAL to see how you have progressed since the January 16-17 Vegas Event. If you haven't attended a Rubio camp before... then I cannot stress how high of importance attending Rubio Long Snapping Events, weekly long snapping lessons, daily long snapping practice, and focused schooling should be as your top priorities – second only to Faith and Family! DO NOT BE A GUY WHO WAITS! Now, there is NO time to waste in order to get lessons and practice. You are already on a tight window, make it easier, not harder! Don't be the one who was left without a school! 

  • SOPHOMORES – If you start standing out NOW, you will provide the best opportunity of making the next level! This was the time I started getting weekly long snapping lessons with Rubio in California. Even with that I still didn't get my offer until 2 months after signing date! That should put things into perspective. Now is the time to set goals and do whatever it takes to achieve them!

  • FRESHMAN & YOUNGER – Fun Fact: EVERY ATHLETE that I have trained for THREE YEARS has gone on to play Division 1 College Football on a Full-Ride Scholarship. Those men attended FREQUENT long snapping lessons, practiced over 4 times a week, and attended Rubio Long Snapping Events. Be one of those athletes to join THE LIST at the bottom of the Athlete Portal!