NEW! Long Snapping Offerings, Bundles, & Rates

NOLS Snappers & Families,

With the recent move to East Dundee, we have done a tremendous amount of self evaluation on how to make NOLS even more of a multifaceted facility. 

NOLS in East Dundee Now Offers... 

X - The capability to offer lessons at hours that work best with YOUR schedule.
X - Privates by Appointment Monday through Thursday!
X - More Scheduled Group Lessons.
X - An Office that we are at all day Sunday through Thursday.
X - Professional Performance Training tailored to long snappers through our associates at Elite 7
X - A location that long snappers can call home.
X - Protein Bars, Shakes, & Energy Drinks Powered by USANA (coming soon!)

NEW! Bundles...

We entertained numerous options for bundles and what comes included with them. After much deliberation, we came up with bundles that are affordable and include much more than ever before!

MONTHLY & STANDARD Bundle Inclusions
X - One On One Kicking Exposure (Mike McCabe) 
X - NOLS Recruit Profile
X - 4 Weekly Long Snapping Drill Sheets
X - Groups are 2 Hours
X - Privates are 1 Hour

NEW MONTHLY DISCOUNT Bundle Packages (30 Day Policy)
THE #1 - (4) Privates
THE #2 - (6) Privates
THE #3 - (8) Privates
THE #4 - (4) Groups
THE #5 - (4) Groups + (1) Private
THE #6 - (4) Groups + (2) Privates
THE #7 - UNLIMITED Groups + (4) Privates

NEW STANDARD Bundle Packages (3 Month Policy)
White Bundle - (4) Groups
Silver Bundle - (4) Groups + (1) Private
Gold Bundle - (4) Groups + (2) Privates
Platinum Bundle - (4) Groups + (4) Privates

WHERE Can I View the Pricing?

You can view the NEW Bundle Pricing via accessing your NOLS Account Tracker. 

*If you need your account tracker re-sent or you do not have an NOLS account and are inquiring about pricing, please reach out to

As always. please reach out to us here at NOLS if you have questions!