National Long Snapping Association - A Breakdown of the NLSA


National Long Snapping Association (NLSA)
United States

The National Long Snapping Association (NLSA) was founded by nationally recognized long snapping instructors Nolan Owen, Kyle Stelter, and Matt Wigley. The NLSA Mission is to help long snappers gain the skills and exposure required to reach the collegiate level! The NLSA has revolutionized the Long Snapping industry with its innovative and proven capabilities. The National Long Snapping Association offers the following for EVERY one of its long snappers:
>> Consistent Long Snapping Training Nationally
>> Prestigious exposure through the Official Affiliation with One on One Kicking
>> Detailed Official NLSA Profiles that includes Bio Information, Stats, NLSA Combine Film, Etc...
>> Enhanced Dynamic and Complex Rating System voted upon by the Official NLSA Star Rating Committee
>> Detailed Filter System that allows college coaches to effortlessly choose their next long snapper

Flaws in the current largest National Exposure Long Snapping Camp:
According to numerous accounts and research nationally, long snappers who have attended the largest exposure camp in the industry could have had stats in the top 5 for EVERY evaluation category (ie. scoring index, accuracy, snap times, snap & block, snap & go, 40-yard dash, height, weight, GPA, attended at least 3 camps, etc.) yet be ranked in the 30's. The difference being was the snappers who were in the top 5 had attended a minimum of 9 camps.

Where the NLSA Differs:
NLSA Long Snappers receive OFFICIAL RATINGS based on their true performance and not based upon how many camps attended. A long snapper automatically qualifies for registration with the NLSA and best rating possible if they meet at least one of the two possible qualifications:

Qualification #1 The prospective long snapper has attended THREE long snapping lessons with an official NLSA Coach IN COMBINATION with at least ONE NLSA Combine within a 1 year time span.

Qualification #2 The prospective long snapper has attended at least TWO NLSA Combine Evaluations within a 1 year time span. 

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