MESSAGE from Nolan


Snappers & Parents,

In the below message I and many of our Alumni will be taking the time to address an issue that we all have been noticing from many of the current High School snappers in the program. This is not every athlete in the program, however, I feel the need that every athlete should be included in this message. So ALL of you, please read.

I have been noticing a lack of dedication from the athletes toward this program, to their work ethic away from lessons, and their focus at lessons.

Many sessions we have been grinding and working hard to gain a leg up on our competition, however this has NOT been going on without complaints and a lack of positive attitudes. 

I am not new to coaching, I have been a long snapping coach for 11 years, 7 of which were after college, and 3 of those years full time. I say this to express that I know when athletes are fully engaged into the program or when they are halfway (or less) into it. To be a part of my program, it is REQUIRED that you work on your long snapping -- DAILY. You need to be wholeheartedly invested into this program or we will not succeed in accomplishing your goals as a long snapper.

It is a TEAM EFFORT in getting athletes to college football. I expect to see my snappers regularly.

Like that of any other sport, when working on a position you should be seeing your coach as close to 1 time per week as possible...if not more. The more frequent, the more likely you are to grasp the concept and get even better. In combination to frequent lesson attendances, I expect my snappers to be doing DRILLS & SNAPPING every day. Regardless of what's on "your plate". Regardless if you are in-season. Regardless if you play both sides of the ball. If you want to be a long snapper in college football than you will find the time to do the necessary work to get there. It is not enough to be getting 15 snaps per day.

You need to be getting at least 45 MINUTES a day of snapping -- working on technique, drills, ball wall, and LIVE SNAPS. 

If you need to stay after the team and work on your snapping (like how I did in High School) then do it. If you need to go home, eat, homework, then it. If you need to wake up earlier in the it. If you need to work on it during your lunch break (like how I did in college) THEN DO IT!

Long Snapping takes time, dedication, and a PASSION for it. Rediscover WHY you want to be Long Snapping. Is this your ticket to playing football in college? Are you just consumed by the feeling you get when you have a perfect snap? Are you "addicted" to the position and its truly your favorite thing to do? Is this your ticket to affording college? Is this your ticket to getting to a top tier college that you never thought you would be able to attend strictly based off of academics?

I too was once a High School Student who "said" I want to be a Division 1 Long Snapper.

It took me failing and embarrassing myself to realize that I needed to treat this with far more importance. I didn't become a 52 Division 1 College Game Starter because of God given athletic talent. If any of you knew me in High would have realized that I was not a great athlete, but I gave everything 100% and I would not take "NO" for an answer. I would honestly ask myself at the end of every day "did I outwork the other long snappers in the country today?" I judged my progress based off of my practice and commitment to it.

Understand why you WANT to Long Snap and understand WHAT you have to do to achieve your goal! 

Simply, I am not going to sugar coat it, I am disappointed in the lack of dedication, respect to the program, attention to detail, and attitude from several of the athletes in the program. The reality is that I am not the only one who is feeling this disappointment, so to are our Alumni. They were equally a part of growing the success of this long snapping program.

Many of our Alumni reached out last night to the athletes in our Group Chat expressing their standpoint as you can read below.

5 1/2 Years in Nolan's Program
Lesson Attendance Average in HS -- 1-2x/Wk (includes during football season)

"When you're at Nolan's you're there only to get better at what you do. Almost every single session that I went to when I was their age (senior/junior) I didn't care if it was hard or whatever I just wanted to go to play college football and I knew that Nolan would help me get there. I did whatever it took; handfuls of late night LONG sessions with Nolan - one on one was only a fraction of what I did. Bottom line I just took it really seriously. We have worked together for so long, that we have built a relationship and mutual respect for each other. Getting to train with Nolan is a privilege. Don't take that for granted. If I never got in touch with Nolan who knows what I'd be doing right now. Almost 6 years of it."  

2 1/2 Years in Nolan's Program
Lesson Attendance Average in HS -- 2-3x/Wk (includes during football season)

"As a member of both 2017 and 2018, 2017 had a lot more work ethic and 2018 infrequently shows up and when they do they lack a positive attitude."

5 Years in Nolan's Program
Lesson Attendance Average in HS -- 1-2x/Wk (includes during football season)

"We (class of 2017) all wanted to be D1 athletes SO badly that we did whatever it took to get there. The younger classes seem to think it's gonna pop up on a silver platter. They need to gain the motivation inside of them to be the freaking best! Yeah its all fun and games until you're at signing day wondering what you've been doing with your life."

3 1/2 Years in Nolan's Program
Lesson Attendance Average in HS -- 1-2x/Wk (includes during football season)

"I would practice on my own outside my house with a target I built everyday until it either got dark or I couldn’t move my legs/arms."

1 Year in Nolan's Program

"I found that the only way to get better was by taking what I learned in my lessons and work on that alone. If I didn't work alone after my lessons I wouldn't have retained what I learned, and I wouldn't have gotten better."

2 Years in Nolan's Program
Lesson Attendance Average in HS -- 1-2x/Wk (includes during football season)

"These youngsters need to find their 'WHY' in long snapping." 

2 Years in Nolan's Program
Lesson Attendance Average in HS -- 1-2x/Wk (includes during football season)

"You need to listen to Nolan because he knows what he's talking about.  Whether that be about recruiting, your personal life, or your snapping form, Nolan cares about us all like family and wants us to succeed.  He wouldn't lead you down the wrong path and wants nothing for us but success. You need to treat him with the same respect as he gives you. We are a family and you need to remember that. So listen to him and stop messing around, because if you want to make it to the D1 level you need to listen to Nolan and put in the extra work throughout the week that is necessary for your success."

2 1/2 Years in Nolan's Program
Lesson Attendance Average in HS -- 2-3x/Wk (includes during football season)

"So true! Guys here have had some crazy stories about how they got into snapping and how Nolan got them where they could only dream of. I went from riding the bench in HS to being asked to play for a D1 program in 14 months. For you guys that have been with him for years—there’s no excuse for you to not be the best. If he can turn me into a D1 snapper in 14 months, I’ll be damned if you guys aren’t getting scholarship looks."

4 Years in Nolan's Program
Lesson Attendance Average in HS -- 1-2x/Wk (includes during football season)

"Nolan is a huge part of our snapping success. He got all of us where we are today." 

2 1/2 Years in Nolan's Program
Lesson Attendance Average in HS -- 2-3x/Wk (includes during football season)

"Y'all better start working on your own and appreciate Nolan because when you're in college you can have a virtual but there is no hands on work. Personally not having Nolan there to be hands on could be a struggle. I never thought I would make D1 ball when I first started even my dad questioned me on whether or not I actually thought I would. I did because I knew Nolan and I knew the effort he was going to put into it and I knew that I had to return the favor. There was a time my last lesson before I was about to leave it was like I forgot how to snap a ball even Nolan was like what the heck just happened but I trusted him to fix it stayed after and everything was good. You have to do the extra things on your own to make it to D1 ball. My HS coach always told me I wasn't going to go D1. He told me to look at D3 and D2 schools for so long and that I should not waste time at practice. Instead, I chose to work on the small things that Nolan told me I needed to fix and I ended up going on to play D1 ball."

After their posts of personal experiences, the Alumni started posting videos of their first lessons in the program and their last lessons before they headed out...

matt hembrough

camden boyle


dylan castro

So this is my CALL TO ACTION... 

I expect to see some leadership taking place at the lessons from the older long snappers and too see them leading by example. It should go without saying that EVERYONE should be dedicated by working on their long snapping at home daily. They too should trust that I have their best intentions in mind, so when I provide critiques, they need to listen and pay attention to the detail. 

I too expect for all of the athletes to attend lessons as close to weekly as possible. If it is ever an issue of finding a ride, reach out to me, I can find a snapper who is close to you as many snappers have carpooled to get to lessons. If it is a matter of finances, please too reach out. We always find ways to make things work. There should rarely be a reason why an athlete is not coming to lessons.

Hayden Sak could not have said it anymore clearer above, because of the consistent practice, training, and teamwork, we developed a mutual respect for each other. A teamwork that has helped him grow into one of the best college long snappers in the country.

This is why I have a cell phone, email, is open to ALL OF YOU. The best snappers we have had in this program closely stayed in touch with me so that the trust was there when it came to lessons.

I hope to see you all next week with a NEW positive mindset ready and willing to do whatever it takes become successful long snappers.

Thank you for taking the time to read this message as it has been heavy on my heart.

God Bless,