Talks With Nolan -- "The Intro" POSTPONED!


The 1st Official TALKS WITH NOLAN has been POSTPONED one week!

TALKS WITH NOLAN -- "The Intro" is now scheduled to be held at LGN Performance in South Elgin, IL on SATURDAY 8/5/17 @ 7PM! 

Why Postponed? 
We want this to really take off and be something special to our program. With many athletes out of town this week for vacation, we wanted to push it out one week for everyone to have the opportunity to attend. 

Why Location Change?

We also changed the hosting location as we have determined that there will be more space and much more to do at LGN. We have had a lot of great ideas of what the athletes want to do at these events and we have determined we need the room. Similar to the SR Send-Off, we will now have room for gaming, spikeball, kan-jam, ping pong, bags, etc... 

What is the TALKS WITH NOLAN, again?

This is a time for the athletes of Nolan's Long Snapping to get together, hang out, open up, and learn valuable lessons of how to navigate through the journeys of High School, College, and Life. Not every event will be the same! Events will vary between Team Building, Ministry, Testimonials, Game/Movie Nights, etc. The objective is to provide a place for our young athletes to have fun while gaining direction on how to become valuable young men in this world. Young men that will inspire and lead others through honor & humility.

What is the Schedule?

7:00 PM -- Doors OPEN --> Meet & Greet, Hang Out/Play Games, Eat Snacks

8:00 PM -- TALK --> Ministry, Testimonials, Life Talks, Self Evaluation, Book Study, & More

9:00 PM -- Last Words --> Conclusion of Session

These events are ONLY for the ATHLETES... Sorry, NO Parents!

If you plan on coming, please reach out and let me know!